GrowthLogic: now powering the Canadian Innovation Centre

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GrowthLogic empowers entrepreneurs and their communities to achieve success together, along with the Canadian Innovation Centre.
GrowthLogic intelligently nurtures and monitors business growth for entrepreneurs and existing businesses. GrowthLogic is currently introducing the first automated entrepreneurial learning management solution delivers that delivers real-time analytics and valuable data to optimize and monitor investment decisions. Incorporating a proven framework and methodology, the GrowthLogic system automatically guides progress and facilitates wide-ranging business support. And now, GrowthLogic is powering the Canadian Innovation Centre too. Read more . . .


Access to our libraries of relevant content to focus your growth & save time


Track and measure your progress to take your business to the next level


Connect with other entrepreneurs to collaborate and share ideas


Directly contact the experts you need, when you need them
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John Gilder
John Gilder
Forklift Blackbelt

GrowthLogic identified the things we had overlooked such as succession planning and doing an expertise inventory. In hindsight if we had done GrowthLogic before doing the business plan I think we would have saved a lot of time, money and had a complete plan.
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu
Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar

I have to admit that the processes and plans that they have put in place have really made my life easier.

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